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the Harmonic Egg Experience

Our services are primarily focused around the Harmonic Egg. We begin with a personal “get to know you” session in order for me to familiarize myself to the specifics of what you want and need.  You will then spend 50 rejuvenating minutes inside the chamber, most of it surrounded by beautiful music and therapeutic lights. Following this, there will be time for you to transition back into the “normal” reality and discuss your experience if you wish to do so.

I may recommend further treatments if you want or if I sense you need another experience to help with certain conditions. I offer monthly subscription packages and multi-visit discounts to ease the costs associated with these continued visits. 

I guarantee you will feel welcomed and understood during your time at Harmonic Egg Kingston!

The Harmonic Egg Experience

This is the best place to start to understand the power and effect of the Harmonic Egg. 

The Harmonic Egg is a resonant chamber for relaxation and de-stressing the body. The experience is a restorative emotional and physical response to light and sounds, promoting a sense of internal balance and well-being.

In the Harmonic Egg we use frequency (music), vibrations, sound and light waves that spiral (360 degrees) around the person relaxed in zero-gravity chair. The in-person session includes a preliminary chat, 50 minutes in the egg chamber including 10 minutes of calibration, then quiet time for reflection and reintegration. 

The Price:  $120

The Remote Harmonic Egg Experience

The power of the Egg is best comprehended in person, where you can see the lights and hear the music, but this is a great option for those who can’t make it here.  In fact, I discovered the power of the Harmonic Egg the very same way, access not being possible during the ongoing covid-19 pandemic. 

To comprehend how this works, one must “merely” grasp Schrödinger’s Theory of  Quantum Entanglement:  That particles are connected even when separated, and that any change in one particle leads to an immediate response in the other, even if they are spatially far apart.  It’s what Einstein coined “spooky action at a distance”, and what other scientists then went on to study and prove.

Fortunately, you do not need to have a good mental grasp of quantum physics to have access to its power.  Just contact us or book an appointment, and we’ll be in touch with you to discuss the details.

The Price: $85

The Prepaid Sessions

Enjoy 3 or more sessions at a 10% discount off what the individual sessions would cost.  This is very useful for chronic and complex disorders, which often need 6 to 10 sessions for remediation.  Contact us for more details & for assistance booking.

The V.I.P. Maintenance Packages

We have to continue to live life in this world, and as much as we would like everything to remain at a high vibration, life can still derail the best of us!  Be sure to stay on track by subscribing to one of our monthly maintenance packages.  Contact us for more details.

Integrated Nutrition and Transitional Coaching

‘’Turmoil – handled correctly…will always be your elevating point.’’

We are all in transition.  We have all been affected in one way or another by the current crises.  You name it:  Covid-19, controversy and division, loss of faith in our politicians, the media, and the science, different “truths”, coupled with sometimes intolerable personal anxiety, trauma and grief.  The last couple of years had left none of us unscathed. 

But why do some people seem to handle life’s ups and down so much better than others?  Is it perspective, or just dumb luck?  Find out with Transformational Coaching sessions and become one of the lucky ones!  It’s only by “fixing” your past, making sense of your time here, that you can truly confirm your best future! 

Celia uses her intuitive gifts and tools such as Emotional Freedom Techniques and even the principles of Holistic Nutrition, to transform your sense of disempowerment and self-sabotage into peace and acceptance. 

This is why each coaching session is as unique and as special as you are.   

Contact us now for a free 15 minute session to see if this is right for you.  Your life is waiting…


I still have the memories of what happened and I still have regret. But it’s not something that I live with every day to where I’m just unhappy every day and I don’t know why I’m unhappy. I’m a lot more peaceful now. I don’t get angry like I used to. I’m able to consider other people’s feelings more easily than I could before. Just a better person. It’s really worked wonders for me.

Jason Bobbitt

I’ve had once-a-month, two-day, migraine headaches since my twenties. The medical doctors only offered meds; never a way to reduce the pain or get rid of the headaches. A headache started before going to my Harmonic Egg® appointment and it was gone by the time I left! A few hours instead of 2 days! This is the first real relief I have ever received.

Mary Sullivan

I have completed 8 of my 10 sessions and plan to do another set when this one is complete. I notice so many little aches and pains of aging are no longer bothersome. Fibromyalgia has no impact on me now and my energy level is normal.

From my perspective and what I understand about the body’s structure, I am convinced that this positive energy of light, color, and sound has an impact at the cellular level, to do the dance of healing from the inside out.


I was diagnosed with Lyme disease along with the co-infections Ehrlichia and Babesia. Because of this disease I experienced dizziness, headaches and some tingling in my hands. I had been to the Harmonic Egg® a few years ago for some stress issues and decided to give it a try. I had three consecutive weekly sessions. After the three sessions, I was scanned for the Lyme and the scan was clean. I then had two sessions every other week, had another scan and still clean. I might also mention the constant headache I had on the left side of my head was gone after the FIRST session and it never came back! I plan to make the Harmonic Egg® a part of my life. This is an amazing healing modality.

MaryJane Casey

My experience in the Harmonic Egg® was one of complete peacefulness and a level of deep stillness and relaxation that I had never experienced before.


Since I was about 5 years old, I have worn a pair of glasses called pain. That is how I describe my childhood. Never removed or any relief. Since my visit to the Harmonic Egg®, I have come to realize the glasses are gone. After returning home, I had more strength, and something was different. Colors were brighter, I appreciated my surroundings more. The realization was gradual, gentle, until last night when I realized the glasses were gone for the first time in 72 years!


I was exhausted, burned out and disillusioned – I tried the powerful cocoon like healing chamber that is the Harmonic Egg and I promise – it left me feeling more well rested and relaxed than I’ve felt in decades. I shall be back!

N. Pattinson

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